Loupe Viewer: As If It Were Already Here by Janet Echelman

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Stand near Janet Echelman’s 365 foot high masterpiece over Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway and you will see a constant stream of people standing in awe of her sculpture, each seeing it from their own perspective.

“The work invites you to linger, whether seen amidst the skyline from afar, or lying down on the grassy knoll beneath. It embraces Boston as a city on foot, where past and present are interwoven, and takes our gaze skyward to feel the vibrant pulse of now. It invites you to pause, and contemplate a physical manifestation of interconnectedness – soft with hard, earth with sky, things we control with the forces beyond us.”

By exploring how the aerial sculpture changes throughout the variety of angles and styles of the photos people take, we can begin to see patterns in how the public experiences that “vibrant pulse of now” on The Greenway.

We invite you to participate by posting your own photo on Instagram, geotag it, and make sure to use #asifitwerealreadyhere, #echelman, and #greenwayart.